Your Path to EMDR Certification... and beyond

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Resources for Providers supporting those with

Intellectual Disabilities

Trauma Resource Links

David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages:

EMDR International Association:

Ricky Greenwald's Trauma Institute:

EMDR Institute:

Other Clinical Websites

Robin Shapiro: - explores trauma topics and EMDR

April Steele: - Imaginal Nurturing: treatment for attachment injuries in adults

Websites of Practitioners we recommend

Jenna Kit Milner -licensed massage therapist in Ithaca, New York, since 1996, with Eight Waves Integrated Massage.

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The Power and Peace of Awareness

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Andrew's Blog...

Resources for Providers supporting those with

Eating Disorders

​​ClearPath Training Center

Thanksgiving's Gratefulness

In November 2014, Andrew's Blog focused on Thanksgiving. An easy theme for November. Our resource from the Blog Post for you is this link

It is the website of Brother David Steindl-Rast which Andrew quotes from in his blog. you may like to take the opportunity to read this website, send someone close an   e-card, or spend a quiet moment in gratitude...