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Online Learning Course

 Day Two:​

  • Review/ Q & A

  • Video and Practicum: RUG-C

  • Blame Game with Live demo: Becoming Known

  • Negative Introjects: Introduction and scenario practice

  • Videos - RUG-C to Trauma processing

  • Q & A Session​ 

Day One:

  • Theories of Dissociation and Ego State Traditions

  • Indicators of Dissociated States

  • Four Steps in parts work –RUG-C

  • Conference Room Technique

  • Understanding Parts 

  • Creating goals with parts

​​"This weekend was absolutely wonderful! The combination of Andrew's knowledge, human, and his strengths as a presenter, made this one of the most enjoyable workshops I have attended." -- -- Participant feedback from workshop held in Chester, PA June 2016

"Material was concise and well organized which allowed time for the dyadic work to implement scripts. Andrew was dynamic and approachable and aided in a better understanding of content. Videos were great aides." -- Participant feedback from workshop held in Chester, PA June 2016

"I am impressed by Andrew's wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding ego state therapy and eating disorders. When I saw him present this workshop, I was struck by his sensitivity to his clients and to his audience; their questions and concerns. His approach will expand your understanding of parts work and add creative interventions to your EMDR 'tool box'." --Carol Forgash, LCSW, EMDRIA Approved Consultant Co-Author: Healing the Heart of Trauma and Dissociation with EMDR and Ego State Therapy

"Andrew delivers in a way that few presenters do. Andrew's presentation was emotionally moving, yet offered a solid approach for actually doing the work. I came away feeling the process involved with treating complex trauma through his ability to instruct in a solidified way the developmental, affective, cognitive, structural and transferential issues involved. You will come away with confidence that you can implement successful treatment to address complex trauma." --E.D., Buffalo, NY

"Andrew gives his audience a snapshot of his journey as a person, teacher, and therapist and this allows the audience to relate to his charisma as a teacher." --P.V., Elmira, NY


  • "Very real - touched my own stuff deeply and for client work is very relevant"

  • "Fabulous presentation!"

  • "Engaging, motivating, enthusiastic"

  • "Excellent - not enough superlatives to adequately say!"

Participants, Worcester, UK

"Andrew is the real deal as a trainer and a masterful clinician! When I signed up for my first training with Andrew (EMDR Basic Skills) I had no idea what a transformative experience it would be. I expected what I had experienced in trainings, workshops, and seminars over the years which was typically been someone who told all about the 'what' of the selected topic, which I could have achieved by reading a book. Andrew was the first person who actually taught the 'how', as in how to actually use the technique presented!! Over the 4 of 5 days of training I watched a clearly masterful clinician turn a concept into practice, and I was awed. I left that training not only with the knowledge and capacity to implement EMDR in my practice but also with a refreshed set of goals regarding all of my work as a clinician. My clients remarked on my energy and enthusiasm as well as my skills and technique which were nicely polished by Andrew. I now jump on any opportunity to learn from Andrew again and just completed another 2-day training that was the same remarkable experience. I look forward to the next opportunity and I thank Andrew for the work he puts into the delivery of such a wonderful experience of true learning." -- Linda J. Nelson, Penn Yan NY

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Becoming Known: A Relational model for

Ego State/Parts Therapy

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​​What participants are saying:

"Dear Andrew,
My husband John and I continue to reflect and talk about the workshop, and all that we got from it - personally as well as, in my case, professionally!  Very impressive, the content and process, along with your passion and commitment to the generous sharing of your significant expertise. Hope you've had a well-deserved good week following the workshop, and trusting a happy reunion with Nellie.
In addition to all received at the workshop, it was very heartening hearing of your experience with experiential treatment with intellectual disabilities.   As mentioned,  I have a 61 one year old sister with developmental disabilities now compounded over time with a complexity of psychological issues.  I have been looking for a long time actually for someone expert in doing experiential work with the developmentally disabled.   Your counsel on whom might be appropriate for a consultation much appreciated, along with the readings on your website which will be shared with our other sister.

For now, with many warm thanks ~  Ellen"

Ellen and John attended the training held at Widener University, Chester PA, Near Philadelphia on June 3rd & 4th, 2016.

  • Practice throughout the day

  • Collaboration/Helper parts

  • ​Q & A session

Becoming Known: A relational model for Parts/Ego State work in EMDR Therapy


This is a 10-hour online Advanced EMDR Therapy workshop for clinicians working with dissociation via a relational model that utilizes the relationship among parts, client and therapist to achieve personality-wide collaboration and eventual healing. 

Time:  8:30 - 4:00

Date:  March 15 & 16, 2022
At:       Virtual
By:      Andrew Seubert LMHC NCC