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What an enormously positive experience I had in sponsoring Andrew's recent Parts/EgoStates workshop at Widener University in Pa. For anyone considering sponsoring one of Andrew's workshop in your local area, let me assure that Andrew's "amazing" administrator, Rosemary Petchell, will more than guide you every step of the way.

Actually, Rosemary herself, takes care of all the online registration...and so much more! Besides being so incredibly efficient, Rosemary, with her oh so lovely Australian accent, is a very positive and kind human-being. Hence, the fun banter between Andrew & myself at the workshop that "Everyone needs a Rosemary"!

Of course, the whole experience could not have been as rewarding if the speaker himself, Andrew, was not the warm and inspiring person & presenter that he is. Quite simply, Andrew's "being" & way of presenting material at his workshops has that wonderful energizing effect on participants that makes them eager to get back to their own practices to experience the great benefits of the work with their clients! 

Lana hosted the 'Parts'/Ego State Work in EMDR Practice, in June 2016. Here is her comment on the experience.

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop but concerned about having to handle the marketing, registration, and other details, rest assured that Rosemary Petchell, Andrew’s amazingly efficient administrator, can take care of it all.

I look forward to hosting more of Andrew’s workshops in the future.

Roxann A. Hassett, LPC, NCC

Recently Andrew gave another of his talks at a local school, helping youth and young adults understand the value of Counseling and Psychotherapy.

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For the past several years I have been sponsoring EMDR therapy trainings in Charleston, SC. As a Trauma-Recovery HAP Facilitator, Approved Consultant in EMDR, and a clinician specializing in complex trauma, I have a strong belief that all clinicians need training in “Parts Work.” Therefore, in March of this year I had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Seubert, author of The Courage to Feel. His workshop on Parts/Ego State Work in EMDR Practice was wonderful. I have had lots of feedback from the attendees and we all found his workshop exceptionally educational, inspirational, and enjoyable. He is a highly-skilled, sincere clinician who teaches concrete therapeutic skills in a relaxed atmosphere. Oh, and he has a great sense of humor as well. His live demonstrations and videos were particularly helpful to the attendees. 

Lana Hopkins, Psy.D. 

Lana says,

"Everyone needs a Rosemary"!

Roxann hosted the 'Parts'/Ego State Work in EMDR Practice, in March 2017. Here is her comment on the experience.