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Objectives: Participants will be able to: 

Define and describe EMDR within a phase-model

Name four thematic areas for organizing negative and positive cognitions

Name four ways to organize target memory sequence

Describe the steps in developing resources

Name four interventions when processing is stuck or looping


EMDR Renewal Workshop

Topics to be Covered: 

  • Review of 8 phases
  • Review of 3-prong approach 
  • Case formulation
  • Negative and positive cognitions
  • Target selection and organization
  • Treatment planning
  • Bonus: The Power of Mindful Awareness
  • Bonus: Four steps to emotional competence
  • Resource development
  • Movies (past and future templates) 
  • Strategies for stuck processing
  • Advanced case consultation

"Andrew delivers in a way that few presenters do. Andrew's presentation was emotionally moving, yet offered a solid approach for actually doing the work. I came away feeling the process involved with treating complex trauma through his ability to instruct in a solidified way the developmental, affective, cognitive, structural and transferential issues involved. You will come away with confidence that you can implement successful treatment to address complex trauma." E.D., Buffalo, NY

"Andrew gives his audience a snapshot of his journey as a person, teacher, and therapist and this allows the audience to relate to his charisma as a teacher." 

This training is now virtual.

This workshop is for EMDR-trained clinicians and will leave participants with renewed and updated information about EMDR, as well as practical skill development, enabling them to employ EMDR with greater protocol fidelity and effectiveness. As a whole, this workshop will renew the enthusiasm and confidence of clinicians whose use of EMDR has fallen by the wayside. It will expand and refine knowledge and skills of those actively using EMDR through the use and integration of ego state work and attachment repair.

“EMDR Renewal” has been extended to two days to allow for more practice time and case consultation. Beginning with a review of the EMDR protocol and emphasizing its place within a phase model the training, the training includes learning an expanded processing continuum from EMD to EMDR. Also emphasized is case formulation, the development of negative and positive cognitions, target selection and sequencing, and resource development (RDI). A review of developments in the use of EMDR will include EMDR treatment of addictions, as well as critical incident protocols. Time will be available for complex case consultation and practice, depending on the needs of the workshop participants The weekend event is an experiential training which involves lecture, demonstration, in-class practice, including practice with other participants. 

This course is EMDRIA approved with 12 CEU's 

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