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NY - No CE required

PA - Covered with APA

NJ - No CE required

VT - Covered with APA

MA - Covered with APA

RI - Covered with APA

So who is covered where?

Paid for CEU's but haven't got the Certificate yet?  Follow this link and input one of the search criteria - R.Cassidy Seminars CEU's

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Please try all three, if you are not able to access your certificate after that, please contact Rose and I will make sure you get the certificate. Thank you.

Andrew's training has all been approved by EMDRIA and we can offer Continuing Education Units (CEU's) from EMDRIA and also R.Cassidy Seminars.

'Parts'/Ego State Work in EMDR Practice has 12 CEU's and is open to practitioners without EMDR Basic training.

EMDR Renewal Workshop has 12 CEU's as well.

The EMDR Basic Training has 49 CEU's

Our CEU's cost $25 per training event, except NYS, CEU's are included in the fee


NY - No CE required

PA - Covered with APA

NJ - Covered with APA

VT - Covered with APA

MA - Covered with ASWB or APA

RI - Covered with APA

Paid for CEU's and need to get the certificate?

​See instructions below...

For the 'Parts'/Ego State Work in EMDR Practice Workshop running in Charleston, SC, March 2017 -

South Carolina Counselors Board is reciprocal with the Ohio and New York Board approvals and SC-MFTs are reciprocal with IL, OH, NY and TX MFT Boards.

Satisfactory Completion

In order to obtain a CEU for the course you are taking with us -

Participants must have paid tuition fee and CEU fee, attended the entire seminar, and completed an evaluation, in order to receive a certificate of Continuing Education.

Partial credit is not available.

On completion of the course you are attending you will be emailed a link to complete the evaluation and download your CEU's certification.

Please Note: Licensing Boards change regulations often and while we attempt to stay abreast of their most recent changes, if you have questions or concerns about this course meeting your specific board’s approval, we recommend you contact your board directly to obtain a ruling.

For all NY licenced practitioners-

NYS Government has ruled that we must include the price of CEU's into the course pricing. Therefore the prices for NY state hosted events is higher than events in other states. You will not need to purchase CEU's seperately, they are included in the price.

Social Workers

NY - Covered with the NY SED

PA - Covered with ASWB

NJ - Not covered at this time

VT - Covered with ASWB

MA - Covered with ASWB

RI - Covered with ASWB